Sponsor a computer to Jamaica for $25 US

We have located—and are now storing—78 complete computer workstations, cpus monitors keyboards and mice, former institutional machines with very slow 497mhz processors and 256MGs of RAM (perfect for googling and emailing), which Lincoln Thompson and I will transport to Miami on March 20 to ship to Montego Bay to be then transported into the mountains of Trelawny, Jamaica, to their destination: Brampton Township and the 78  households of the students of Brampton All-Ages Primary.

As previously reported, Lincoln is the husband of Camiel West-Thompson, principal of the Brampton Primary.

Up until now, we have collected and delivered 20 workstations. Of those, eight have survived the learning curve (shipping, age, first time computer-users).

Then, an opportunity opened up. We can ship a computer to each household of the students of Brampton Primary and the Brampton, Jamaica Township. This is a community which up until last year had no computers. In other words, working with the community—who came together to build their children the school’s amazing computer room—Key West is giving a hand’s up to island neighbors who are meeting us halfway in providing children with opportunities. As an ethical person, I feel it is my moral obligation to meet these people the other half of the way.

But there is more. We are using the arrival of the computers as incentive for Jamaica and the region’s strongest internet provider, LIME, Land Internet Mobile Entertainment (formerly Cable & Wireless), to extend service one mile to Brampton Primary and the children of Brampton. By providing the children and households with their own computers, we are developing a demand for internet and computer services. LIME is hard-pressed to ignore the positive publicity value nor resist the allure of 78 households of potential, loyal LIME customers.

In other words, shipping these computer workstations very much equals introducing real internet, Google, and emailing to the students and parents and families of Brampton Primary.

Here is where I need the help.

Up until this point, Lincoln and I have personally paid for all of the expenses. Collection, storage, refurbishing, transport, shipping, drivers, customs, plane tickets, etc etc etc. The advantage of doing it this ways has been in allowing for the benefactors of this effort—the Bramptoners themselves—the opportunity to develop a unique internet culture, to develop their own individual and cumulative internet “personality,” and to get their legs and stand and walk on their own with minimal outside influence. But now, here we need a hand.

It is going to cost over $2000 to ship the 78 workstations. It is three palettes of computers, monitors, and peripherals. They are transported to a shipping agent in Miami, and then by cargo ship to Montego, Jamaica. For me, that’s a lot.

So here is the help we are requesting: Can you (or your friend or your business) sponsor one computer’s shipping with a gift of $25?

I’ll even send a photo of the recipients with their new computer. With your name on the computer.

I have set up a PayPal button—see below—to make giving simple. To have your computer identified, just write your name in the “special instructions” field.

[For the record, this is not a “hand out” but rather a helping hand. There is a difference: These kids work hard, they go to school, they have good grades, they say please and thank you, there are good ones and bad ones, of course, but these kids and their families are holding up their end of the bargain: They do the work. The teachers put in extra hours teaching the kids computering, the parents contributed materials and labor for the room, and the kids come in after school and on weekends for lessons. This is the real thing and I am dedicated to these children as if they were my own. They carry their weight!]

That’s it. $25 is what I am asking for from you. Believe it or not, you may only be one person “gifting $25” but each gift helps more than one person; it helps an entire world by helping one small rural township by helping the kids of the community help themselves.

Lastly, to follow our progress, I created this update page to list progress towards reaching our goal. I don’t know if asking for help by blog but I have 78 computers ready to ship, and a school of 78 students waiting to be united with their own computers, and this is whole thing has been one miracle after another, so…

Thanks to for all the kind words, emailed letters of support and all the good feedback. Next step, here we go!

$25 gift for computers to Jamaica via PayPal

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