Computers to Jamaica: Phase 1 completes!

This Sunday, with the shipment of a final 30 computer workstations, the hardware end of our Computers to Jamaica draws to a close. With this shipment, Phase 1 will be in completion. Brampton will have one of the highest density of computers-to-students in all of Jamaica.

On Sunday, with some luck, the computer workstations will be driven to Miami and put in shipping containers. My host Jamaican Lincoln Thompson and I will follow them December 10th, meeting them at the Montego Bay Port Authority. There arrival will coincide with the school Brampton Primary’s end of the year dance, the little school’s biggest fundraising event of the year. There the computer’s will be distributed. At that point, every Brampton student household will have a computer, sixty-two in all. Not bad for a community which had its very first computer ever delivered one year ago October 2008.

It boggles my mind that we have come this far.

We are still in need of computer desktops and laptops. We can use keyboards, mice and speakers. Software is always welcome. And of course flat-screen monitors are a treasure. (Our biggest expense is shipping monitors, which cost me $25 a piece to get to Jamaica.) We gratefully have plenty of big screen monitors.

I’d say presently we have half the computers we need. I am sure we will get there. We always do. If you have a computer to give, be sure and email me at or call 305-304-1555 to get me direct.

Thanks…and here we go!

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