Lincoln Thomson returns to Key West

Lincoln Thompson is the husband of Camiel West, she being the principal of Brampton Primary. He is one of my best friends. Which is good since we work together so closely on this project. 😉 Anyhow, Lincoln after nearly six months back in Jamaica, Lincoln has returned to Key West.

His brother, Clive, incidentally, accomplished his US citizenship this past week. Good times (and congratulations, Clive)!

Now that the project has become so established I am considering creating a not-for-profit. We shall see. At this point, one of the main advantages of our program is that it is small and personal and no business or company has any claim on the generosity of these computers being sent over; they are 100% free of “strings”.

In the meantime, we continue on. It is amazing still to me how one community, Key West, can make such a big difference in one other community, Brampton. Key West and Brampton are connected forever now. And that is a blessed thing.